Election Recap

The election and elk season are over, and I finally have some time to catch up. I thought I would give you my evaluation of Washington State politics. 

We managed to lose more positions in the State House and Senate. If we keep going at this rate,the democrats will have a supermajority in both state houses. We lost the 8th Congressional District. Now we only have three out often US house seats. And Susan Hutchison was trounced in the Senate race.

The leadership of the WSRP failed us. They picked a few races, and threw all their resources at them, specifically the US Senate race, and the 8th CD. The party didn’t help Brumbles in the 10th, Keller in the 7th, Dightman in the 6th, or Beeler in the 1st. In spite of no help, they each had a good showing.

We no longer have any Republicans elected from King County. There are some legislative districts that overlap into other counties, but if the district is in King County, it’s held by a democrat.

We lost these seats because we have poor leadership. For too many years we have had nepotism and cronyism running our party. We still have too much influence from ex-office holders, ex-party leaders, campaign managers who have never won a race, and others who worked in and for the party. There’s a reason why they are ex. They lost. For some reason the party keeps going to them for advice on how to win.

It’s time for new leadership from the top down. Caleb Heimlich should not be elected as the party chairman. It’s nothing personal. It’s just business. When football coaches continue to not make the playoffs, they get fired. We don’t have time to see if Caleb will ever get us into the playoffs. We are losing our state. He had his chance, and he failed, big league. We need fresh ideas, fresh people, and patriots to lead our party. If we are going to continue to lose elections, we might as well lose them because the electorate doesn’t agree with our conservative principles, not because we are wishy washy.

There are three things that the party leader needs to do so that we can win elections. First, we need to have a strong outreach program. There are many communities that the party has not reached out to. This outreach needs to start yesterday. We should be holding forums and meetings every day. I want conservatives in my party, and we need to recruit them. This outreach should start in King County. It seems like WSRP has given up on King County. That is a big mistake. We need King County to win statewide elections. If we can get 40 percent inKing County, we can win statewide.

Second, we need to call out the democrats every time we get a chance. Use their words back on them. Point out how racist, uneducated,mean-spirited, and un-American their elected officials are. We need to be more like President Trump in this area. If they hit us, we hit them twice, and twice as hard. It’s time to stop playing nice. We are in a fight for our state and country. The democrats believe that they have a mandate with the passage of 1639, and they will try to enact more gun control legislation this session. We need to be aggressive and tell people how the democrats don’t want women and minorities to be able to protect themselves. We should be running ads all year long telling the voters how the democrats really are, and how they believe.

Third, and this is where it takes real leadership, we need to hold our PCOs accountable. They are the foot soldiers of the party, but many do not complete their duties. We have come to rely too much on social media and mailers to get the message out. Boot leather works the best. Face to face contact is needed and necessary. PCOs should be recruiting captains to assist them, and they should be canvassing the precinct way before the election ever happens. Our databases are out of date, and the information is faulty. PCOs (or a team member) need to knock on every door in their precinct. Find out if the listed person still lives there, if they are listed correctly, and if they are a Republican, if they will join the party and help the cause. This is real grassroots. It takes a lot of work, but that is exactly what the democrats do, and they have been winning elections. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We just need to get it rolling. It only takes a few hours every month if you start right now.

2 thoughts on “Election Recap

  1. Sandra George-Manning December 24, 2018 at 7:28 am - Reply

    Good word Kieth Swank. Let’s Roll!

  2. Denise Hupfer December 24, 2018 at 8:38 am - Reply

    Well said, thank you, Keith! It seems to me that many Republicans, except those that have grasped the clear vision of our founding fathers (which is currently being upheld by President Trump), are CONFUSED and, therefore, are wishy-washy, as you suggested. It seems they are unable to think clearly to the ROOT ISSUES. They can’t seem to connect the “issues” with the CONSTITUTION, or the Constitution to their lives, maybe because they don’t realize its power, or, God forbid, they are being influenced by the socialist-democratic party and believe the Constitution should be modified to fit the times. We must help people identify and understand the Constitution in every single political issue. I would love to talk with someone who understands HOW to bring the conservative message to people. Perhaps I could contribute with some suggestions about WHAT might be said. If we in Washington state have a unified and substantive message that always circles back to the Constitution on every issue, we will gain strength from it. In other words, let the Constitution do the work; let it both defend itself AND vanquish it’s enemies. More discussion and lots of work is necessary on this. Would love to help. Who will join me? And, how can we get together?

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