TVW 2018 Primary Election Video Voters’ Guide

The Office of the Secretary of State and TVW present the 2018 Primary Election Video Voters’ Guide featuring Keith Swank, Candidate for United States Senate (Partisan Office, 6-year term).

Watch the video below or more easily available on mobile devices throught the TVW app. In the app, click “Programs” and the Video Voters’ Guide comes up at the top of the list.

The TVW App is free to download and is available for both droid and iphone:

One thought on “TVW 2018 Primary Election Video Voters’ Guide

  1. Marina Hepner July 30, 2018 at 6:02 pm - Reply

    Dear Kieth,

    I was amazed at how little information I could find on any of the candidates when I went onto the website for Spokane County. I sincerely believe we should make an educated vote. I would really like it if it was a requirement that on each ballot or website listing the candidates there was a list of what they stand for. I believe that should apply for all of the candidates including judges, auditors, etc, etc. When a person is voting for someone to take an office they should know IF that person is going to make decisions for what they believe in or laws they want to be upheld. I believe that’s how we got some of the laws we didn’t vote for (i.e. Roe vs Wade).

    IF I had NOT been diligent in my researching each candidate I would have never found the site that showed you or any information about what you believe in or want too stand for as a representative of the State of Washington.

    After listening to your interview with Doug Basler I was convinced that you are the ONLY ONE I want in the office of Senator of the State of Washington.

    I sincerely hope that some day you consider running for the President of the USA with your beliefs. You stand for everything I believe in first and foremost as a Christian and secondly as a citizen of the United States of America!

    Thank you for taking a stand for what is righteous and Holy! And for the good of all people living and unborn!

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